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    What do websites high up in Google have in common? Almost all of them have rock-solid backlinks.It is the best proof that link building will still be an indispensable pillar of a findable website in 2021. The links to your site determine your rankings in the search results for as much as 50%. How does linkbuilding. work in 2020?The basis of link building in 2021 is still unchanged. This means that you strategically build backlinks (referrals) to pages on your website, so Google sees that many people share these with each other.The conclusion of the search engine: your site is so popular, that the content is apparently worthwhile for visitors. Google then places your website higher in the search results and you enjoy the extra visitors that this generates. But things have also changedBecause while in the past it was mainly the amount of links that determined your position in Google, nowadays the search engine mainly judges the quality in relation to those links. According to Google, quality is very simple: that is the extent to which a website meets the needs of the user.In 2020 and beyond, link building will therefore only have an effect if: Your internal linking structure is in orderYour own high quality content isThe high quality referring websites are To improve those 3 things you do as follows:1). Improve your internal linking structure Although most attention from linkbuilders is focused on building strong links on other websites, the links on your own website are also part of linkbuilding.Google sees it when you refer to certain pages on your website. From this the search engine deduces that these are important pages which deserve a higher ranking.In a well built website the links to these kind of pages are for example in the main menu, so you automatically refer to them often.Such a logical internal link structure also helps visitors to navigate your site better. From the main topics it is easy to click through to more specific pages. 2). Improve your own contentFinely written content with relevant information naturally attracts links. Still, it can't hurt to speed up this process with link building.Conversely, good quality content accelerates the results of your link building. Google then sees that the content is relevant for users who are looking for certain topics.Therefore, always write articles with the questions of your target group in mind. The various departments in your company often know what is going on among users.In your content, answer these user questions and position yourself as a relevant source of information. This will strengthen the effect of your link building on several levels. 3). Improve the quality of your link profile Your link profile is the collection of all links to your website. The more high quality referring websites your link profile contains, the stronger it is.A strong link profile will be Google's most important measure of the quality and relevance of your website by 2020. If your link profile contains many links from respected sources (think of well-known national media and other authoritarian websites), the search engine will understand that your company is a serious player.Therefore, building strong backlinks is still by far the most effective way to get your website higher in Google in the coming years. Link building in 2020 and beyond: our predictionWill the 3 mentioned link building methods actually continue to work in the coming years? We can be brief about that: SEO experts have no doubts about this.The reason for this is that quality is the driving force behind all these link building methods. It is not about collecting as many backlinks as possible, but about meeting the needs of the user.This is the guiding principle around which every search engine is built. That's why Google will continue to reward a strong link profile with a higher position for your website - both now and in the coming years.


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